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Sudeep Chandra

coach sudeep chandra

Sudeep embarked upon habits in the most unassumed and non-strategic avenue. Faced with ever changing landscape in every sphere whilst being righteous in conduct lead Sudeep to believe in different set of beliefs, rules and higher powers to play by in life. Human beings are nothing but a pure soul of blissful nothingness overcast by numerous clouds of habits or patterns that create different manifestations of the same pure soul that is actually one but manifests in plurality.

In 2008-2009 when Sudeep came out of a job and wanted to pursue developing and selling mobiles apps on iTunes marketplace, he created Habit Check app to simply create and track habits, their progress and form a view that inspires the user into inculcating and reliquishing habits. It was widely received as a great app. Many popular reviews followed. Also followed many copycat apps and several apps that were similar lined up. Sudeep always celebrated duplicate apps as something natural where a good concept was being furthered by whatever means without creating limits of the source of goodness.

Sudeep developed and enhanced the HabitCheck app mutliple times on numerous platforms, changing technologies, user interfaces, workflow, etc but the aim was only on creating and empowering the users to work on habits and nothing else.

But it was realized that by empowering users to work on habits requires a very careful discrimination on what's a habit that can be developed or destroyed. If a person doesn't know what's good for them, or what's prudent for them is also a dimension worth looking into. If somebody simply creates habits controlling consumption of alcohol or tobacco but not the underlying causation then such habit formation may be good but not good enough.

Sudeep came to the United States at an age of 25 years. His educational background is an engineering in Computer Engineering and is licensed to trade on EUREX exchange. His multi-dimensional background in engineering, management, finance with a distinct flair in developing models that help various psychological conditions and situations in people.

Sudeep's real passion is to be of help to people and pull them out of unwanted situations and setups. He is naturally gifted with unsatiated desire to be of help to others. He has authored close to 50 apps published on iTunes and Google Play on applied psychology with specialization in habits and goals.

Sudeep Chandra is certified for Life Coaching, Skilled Helping and Performance Coaching. He is also a registered professional member of Achology where continued education is emphasized. With an experience of over two decades spanning across various fortune companies in Chicago area, he has worked as consultant at numerous brand names including:

Past work: Self Help Publications

Here's some of the work that has been authored by Coach Sudeep and published on iTunes App Store and Android Google Play stores.

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