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Stress Buster

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✳️ Stress Buster

😊 For people who want to overcome stress

🔆 If stress is the name of the game, then this program will help you overcome stress. Depending on your personality (belief system, etc.) carefully selected coaching enforced with habit tasks will be used.

This program will have goals defined as follows:

  • Limiting beliefs: Client's limiting beliefs about various situations around stress will be dug into.
  • Core Values: Perhaps the values aren't in the right order. For example, if they value love over financial freedom, but they are striving for wealth, then such could be direct reason for stress. More such will be unfolded in coaching seassion.
  • Debt/ Giving back: The client may have an imbalance in area of what they owe to the greater world. Correcting that may well cause them to slowly overcome certain aspects of stress.
  • Negative emotions: If some negative emotions are residing in the psyche of the client, then those will be brought to fore-front. Correlation of those emotions that cause stress will be unlinked.

This program will use habits extensively to formulate and remove behaviors as may be necessary.

🏷 $99 to start with 50 to 55 minutes in-person/ video meeting

🏷 $29 per week 15-20 minutes in-person/ video meeting

✅ Habit forming tasks to follow

✅ Task progress tracked weekly and new issues discussion.

✅ 13 weeks program

✅ Includes use of our mobile phone based proprietary system to chat (limited) with coach and track habits

✅ Cancel anytime - no further payments due