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Social Life Challenges

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✳️ Social Life Challenges

😊 Things not working out socially or in personal relationships? This program will help you identify who's who.

🔆 It may be that you social life doesn't go very far, just a little talk and then you feel no-connection. Or, your personal relationship with your blood relations isn't functioning as you would've wanted. This program is you then.

🏷 $99 to start with 50 to 55 minutes in-person/ video meeting

🏷 $29 per week 15-20 minutes in-person/ video meeting

✅ Habit forming tasks to follow

✅ Task progress tracked weekly and new issues discussion.

✅ 26 weeks program

✅ Includes use of our mobile phone based proprietary system to chat (limited) with coach and track habits

✅ Cancel anytime - no further payments due