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No Soul Left Behind

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✳️ No Soul Left Behind

😊 With this coaching program, people from all communities can effectively participate in today's society without limitations that are in their control.

🔆 If you feel left out in some professional or social situation, then this program shall be of help to you. Core of this program is to assist you to find factors that are in your control and align those better. External factors shall be aligned by a conducive attitude.

🏷 $99 to start with 50 to 55 minutes in-person/ video meeting

🏷 $29 per week 15-20 minutes in-person/ video meeting

✅ Habit forming tasks to follow

✅ Task progress tracked weekly and new issues discussion.

✅ 26 weeks program

✅ Includes use of our mobile phone based proprietary system to chat (limited) with coach and track habits

✅ Cancel anytime - no further payments due