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Life Coaching: Modalities

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Life Coaching helps individuals explore avenues that they are oblivious about. It can come to down right simplistic thought process, but is mostly about proven frameworks that have worked successfully in past.

Life Coaching will not do counselling, advising, consulting or anything of that sorts. A client engages with the coach in multiple sessions of face to face or phone/ video communications and the coach tries to unfold the process steps to bring you to a path that leads you to your destination most prudently:

Life Balance

Assessment of Individual's life areas

The step looks into how well balanced are your major areas of life and to find areas that are out of balance/ sync. This will create recommendations and shape the path of the remainder of the process.

life balance is like tight rope walking

Emotions Discovery

Identify dominating emotion

Your emotions will assessed methodically in this modality. Effort will be made to identify the undesired and dominating emotions and to tackle those in your life.


Coaching Goal

Establishing Goals

This stage establishes the main coaching goal that they want to work towards and coming into agreement on this. It's important to only focus on on thing at a time. What's the first goal that they want to work towards?

goals success ahead

Beliefs Discovery

Find Limiting Beliefs

Purpose of this modality is to get clear on what the client's main limiting belief is. What's the main belief holding them back from moving forward and achieving their goals?


Core Identity

Help Client Understand themselves

Helping the client to understand themselves better and the true nature of the problem they're having - that's it's always attached to their identity in some way or another.

A focus on client's view of inner self, various forms of identity that they conform to, etc.

identity with hats on

Core Values

Values Elicitation

It's important to help the client get clear on what their core values and priorities are. What is it that's driving them? Helping them to understand this will help them to make wiser choices in line with that they actually want.

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