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Habit Coaching: Adoption & Modification

What is Habit Coaching?

Habit coaching is a unqiue program meant for individuals to align them to habits they want to acquire, give-up or modify.

It is based on a proprietary system developed by coach Sudeep Chandra for his clients. It is called "Habit Check" available on Android and iOS app stores. Clients use of this app for habit progress is monitored by the coach on their own system.

The program consistes of weekly phone or video call of 15-20 minutes duration. In this weekly one-on-one conference, the client discusses their pogress, impedances and recieves coaching about all issues surrounding their abilities around the habits on focus. Thus, the clients' habits are constantly being calibrated (frequency & modalities) by the coach.

What is Habit Adoption & Modification?

As the name suggests, coach will frequently follow-up on how the client is doing in adopting or modifying the habits they are working on. This is the hardest part of life. People have good intentions, however, 'old habits die hard' comes in and no matter how well-intentioned they are will be overcome by prior habits and patterns. With persuasiveness, the coach will check (through the utility apps) to tell the client if they are falling back and dissect every detail and coach accordingly. For the serious ones, this is a real aspect.

This involves exchanging messages and listening to monologues (specific to situation of the particular client) by the coach meant for the specific client. Persuasion also means that the client knows that they are being cared for and that they are in good hands. This should not be misunderstood as being similar to automated smartphone notifications or reminders since this is about the coach making meaningful contact with the client; following is a screenshot of the habit check utility app that illustrates how the communication occurs in part:

screenshot of habitcheck app

You may download the coaching platform utility apps for free from the mobile app marketplaces.


That's only $29 per week


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You can reach out by email, phone, submitting the form underneath or download our app to get started. Simply state what you expect from our coaching programs and we will be happy to get back to you:

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