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Overcome Imbalanced Life

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✳️ Overcome Imbalanced Life

😊 For people wanting to achieve a balanced life.

🔆 If worklife is weighing down on you, or your personal relations are not allowing you to forge ahead in work life, or any other business area, then this program will help you re-align your life back.

This program will try to get to the roots of the necessity of leading the Imbalanced Life.

    This program will have the following goals:
  • Moving the focus from over enagaged area to under focussed areas of life
  • Check limiting beliefs that cause over-subscription to certain areas of life.
  • Assess core value system and re-arrange priorities
  • Assess core-identity and question portions of identity that have led to Imbalanced Life.
  • Create habits based task to reduce over enagagement in certain areas of life.
  • Follow habits to create enagagement in ignored areas of life.

🏷 $99 to start with 50 to 55 minutes in-person/ video meeting

🏷 $29 per week 15-20 minutes in-person/ video meeting

✅ Habit forming tasks to follow

✅ Task progress tracked weekly and new issues discussion.

✅ 39 weeks program

✅ Includes use of our mobile phone based proprietary system to chat (limited) with coach and track habits

✅ Cancel anytime - no further payments due